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Choosing the Best Mortgage Planner

23How does a Mortgage Planner differ from a regular lender or broker? The Financial Firm prides itself on working for you, our client. Our ultimate goal is to place you in just the right mortgage loan that will suit your particular needs and desires. In doing so, we will not only provide you with the absolute best interests rate available, we will also make certain that you are not charged any “junk fees” or unnecessary costs. But we don’t stop there!

Our desire is to be “Your Lender for Life.” Anytime you think of refinancing your mortgage or purchasing a new home, we want you to think of The Financial Firm. We are confident that after working with our firm just once, you will want to refer everyone you know to us as well.

We want you to think of The Financial Firm as your mortgage broker, just as you think of your CPA when its tax time, or your lawyer when legal matters arise.

We take our commitment very seriously and the last thing we want is for you to feel like, “just another number in a lender’s pipeline.” This is never the case at The Financial Firm. That’s why we truly are Your Lender for Life and your personal Mortgage Planner.

Shopping for the “best” residential interest rate?

It’s important to realize that interest rates are based on the bond market and can fluctuate, or change several times during a given day. The rate you are quoted by a lender will not necessarily be the interest rate you will ultimately get. If you do receive a “guarantee” you 22will probably pay a pretty penny for it. We encourage our clients to shop, but do so properly, so as to actually obtain the information you’re after.

Conduct an “interview” of your mortgage broker and Financial advisor in Ardmore OK. Remember, you will be  hiring the professional services of the lender, or broker, you ultimately select. Think about your questions before you make the calls and then conduct the interview just as you would any other potential employee.

As far as the interest rate goes, call everyone on the same day within a two to three hour window. This will give you a more realistic picture of what you are looking at. Also, ask about the “total closing costs,” then break them down. You will have non-recurring (fees) closing costs which are negotiated in with the price of your home or can be paid for, all or in part by the seller. You will also have recurring closing costs (taxes and insurance) which cannot be negotiated. Generally speaking, if you don’t ask “the right” questions, they won’t 20give the answers you really want

Again, just be specific with your questioning. If you don’t understand something or the ‘jargon’ being tossed your way, just ask for a clarification.  It’s YOUR money and the lender or  broker needs to know you understand (politely, of course) that they will be working for you.